Berlin, 19 September 2014
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About Micromaterials and Nanomaterials

It is the aim of the publication series Micromaterials and Nanomaterials (MM&NM) to publish new results in the field of materials mechanics with the focus on microscale and nanoscale research and applications as well. Special attention is given to the interdisciplinary approach. Stress, strain and reliability aspects have become more and more important in the recent years and they are going to exert a greater influence on the progress in micro- and nanotechnology as well, The problem of thermal "misfit" is only one of the min challenges for advanced applications in microsystem or MEMS technologies, and it cannot be neglected in nanoscale applications, e.g. NEMS, as well. The series includes articles with focus on the coupled field approach in micro- and nanotechnology. The trends towards miniaturization, hybrid materials, higher temperatures etc. also increase the need for advanced simulation tools, new reliability concepts and new micro- and nanoscale testing techniques.

The publication series is sponsored by the Micro Materials Center Berlin e.V. together with Fraunhofer ENAS Chemnitz and is also supported by scientists, engineers, scientific societies, companies, and research Institutes in Germany and abroad. In the MM&NM series outstanding experts from all over the world are invited for review papers and latest news technical reports related to the very special topics of MM&NM.

Bernd Michel
Editor of MM&NM and
Head of MMCC @ Fraunhofer ENAS Chemnitz

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